Tekapo Hotel

Lake Tekapo – 200-room 5-star hotel

Client | Lake Tekapo Resort Ltd
Project Personnel | Jonathan Clease
Location and Completion Date | Tekapo, 2017

Jonathan led the resource consent process to establish a new 200 room five star hotel on the lake front in Tekapo Township. The prominent setting of the site and the scale of the project required careful design and integration with both the landscape and the adjacent urban area to ensure the project both was successful in obtaining consent and was able to make a positive contribution to the sustainable growth of Tekapo.

The project involved working through design options with the Council and preparing and presenting evidence at a hearing.

Other resource consent projects

Nurse Maude Hospital Christchurch

Nurse Maude Hospital

Following significant earthquake damage to the Christchurch hospital complex, Nurse Maude's redevelopment included repair and alteration of a listed heritage building, the establishment of a new utility building and resolution of soil contamination issues, and the establishment of a new Aged Residential Care facility.

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The Planz team have extensive experience in working with clients to gain resource consents for preschool developments in residential areas.

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Christchurch Town Hall

Christchurch Town Hall Repairs & Redevelopment

This $120 million project involved significant heritage issues and required careful resolution between retaining key heritage elements whilst delivering a functional civic building that was fit for purpose and commercially viable.

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Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal Repairs & Redevelopment

The repair and rebuilding of the Theatre Royal formed an integral component of the Performing Arts Precinct as part of the wider regeneration of Central Christchurch.

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Historic Homestead repairs and alterations

Planz has considerable experience in assisting clients with consenting for alterations and additions to historic homesteads and dwellings, which often include coordinating engineering, architectural, and heritage experts to ensure documentation is appropriate

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Hydro Grand Hotel

Hydro Grand Hotel redevelopment

This challenging project involved the demolition of the heritage-listed Hydro Grand Hotel and its replacement with new office, hotel, apartment, and hospitality buildings set around a public plaza. Planz assisted in exploring repair and repurposing scenarios and in obtaining the associated engineering, heritage, and quantity surveying/ cost analysis.

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Ashburton station

Ashburton Railway Station

The historic Ashburton Railway Station had stood vacant for a number of years and the Court agreed that the building could be demolished after giving the Council and local community opportunities to explore fundraising and alternative uses.

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Mona Vale

Public heritage building repairs and alterations

We provide ongoing support to Councils' asset teams regarding repair and strengthening of council-controlled heritage buildings. These consents involve careful consideration of balancing the retention of heritage values with the need for economically sustainable and robust repair strategies

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Horncastle Homes

Horncastle Homes projects

Planz have had a long relationship with Horncastle Homes in obtaining consents, from assisting individual homeowners, through to multi-unit developments in inner city locations and in higher density zones in new growth areas

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Central City Townhouses

Higher density living opportunities require careful consideration is given to design to ensure that good levels of amenity are provided for future occupants and to also ensure that such developments make a positive contribution to the character of the wider area

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Billboards and signage

Billboards and signage

The Planz team have extensive experience in consenting billboards and signage, which typically involve liaison with lighting, transport, and urban design experts to achieve a successful and consentable design outcome. We regularly work with these experts and are well-versed in the preparation and presentation of evidence at hearings

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The Fitting Room

Suburban retail developments

The Planz team have extensive experience in working with clients to gain resource consents for a range of suburban shopping blocks adjacent to residential areas, from small single tenant retailers to large retail strips that typically include a range of retail, café, and community services

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Spitfire Square

Spitfire Square retail centre

Planz led the consenting for this large retail development within the Airport campus

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The Tannery

The Tannery retail and hospitality precinct

This retail and leisure facility in south Christchurch has made an important contribution towards the regeneration of the wider area. A series of consents were all obtained on a non-notified basis.

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Lincoln Library

Lincoln Bar, Restaurant and Library

This mixed-use development in the centre of Lincoln involved a new pub, restaurant, and library, which helped to anchor the Lincoln mainstreet in this rapidly growing community.

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Hydro mixed-use, Timaru

Hydro Grand Mixed Use Development

A significant mixed-use development in Timaru involved the replacement of a derelict heritage building with a new five-storey office building, six-storey apartment tower and six-storey hotel

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Northlands Retail Centre

Northlands Retail Centre

Planz have provided ongoing planning advice and assistance with obtaining the resource consents necessary to enable the operation and development of the Northlands Shopping Centre

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Rural contractors yards

Rural contractors’ yards

We provide ongoing advice and consenting for clients seeking to establish contractors’ yards, typically including storage and workshop facilities. Such consents often involve liaison with acoustic, traffic, and landscape experts and consideration of effects on rural character and neighbours

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Poultry farm chickens

25,000 bird free range poultry farm

Lamond Poultry engaged Planz to assist them in first developing site selection criteria and then in obtaining the necessary consents to get the result they wanted.

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Waterloo Park

Waterloo Business Park Development

Planz led the plan change to rezone 114ha of land surrounding the old Islington Freezing Works to enable its redevelopment as a modern business park and distribution centre.

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Liquigas Lyttelton Port

Liquigas expansion and upgrades

A significant increase in storage capacity for Liquigas’ primary LPG storage and distribution facility that services the upper South Island required careful planning and ongoing consultation.

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Lyttelton Marina

Lyttelton Port marina

Establishment of land-side facilities to support the development of a new recreational boating marina in Lyttleton included a master plan for the wider area

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Lyttelton Port

Port of Tauranga and Port of Lyttelton Inland Ports

Both facilities involved the construction of rail spur lines and multi-hectare facilities for handling shipping containers from the ports, plus associated warehousing and load amalgamation and distribution facilities. Consents for both were obtained on a non-notified basis.

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Christchurch Airport

Christchurch Airport Campus Development

Planz has assisted CIAL for more than 20 years, including the redevelopment of both international and domestic terminals, the control tower, multi-storey parking building, on-campus hotels and backpacker accommodation, new hangars, and a range of aviation-related warehouse and distribution facilities.

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Fonterra Darfield

Darfield Milk Processing Plant consents and plan changes

This $500 million project involved extensive public consultation, identification of the full range of potential environmental effects, and working collaboratively with both the project team and local councils

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Beckenham Methodist Church

Churches and spiritual facilities

The Planz team have assisted a wide range of churches and religious organisations in developing spiritual facilities to meet community needs.

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Healthcare - various


Planz have worked on various projects, ranging from small single professional practices in existing dwellings through to large purpose-designed healthcare centres that include a range of GP, dentist, physiotherapy, and pharmacy businesses

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Spreydon School

Primary and High School projects

A wide range of both primary and high school education projects have required Outline Plan preparation by the Planz team

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Presbyterian Support & Methodist Mission

Presbyterian Support & Methodist Mission centres

Two separate projects enabled the redevelopment of two social support agencies following earthquake damage in the centre of Christchurch

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Spencer Park Surf Lifesaving Club

Surf Lifesaving Club redevelopments

The location of surf clubs begin within active dune systems necessitated the need to consider a wide range of issues including natural hazards, ecology, cultural, crime prevention, and acoustic matters

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Sumner Centre

Sumner Library & Museum

This project was a key milestone in the post-earthquake recovery of Sumner Village and included Urban Design Panel presentations and careful consideration of CPTED issues

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Turanga Central Library

Central Library Anchor Project

This NZ$80 million project involved careful consideration of heritage and urban design matters to ensure a functional and attractive civic building was able to be delivered

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AMI Stadium

AMI Stadium Redevelopment

Planz provided planning evidence, initial project management, and Hearing evidence for the award-winning redevelopment of AMI Stadium

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Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre

Christchurch Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre

The development of a new visitor centre and café in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens involved ongoing consultation with Ngai Tahu to deliver an award-winning building in a sensitive landscape setting.

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Hagley Oval

Hagley Oval Anchor Project

As well as preparing evidence for the Environment Court hearing, Planz worked closely with the Council’s Greenspace asset team to develop the application and associated set of conditions for this NZPI award-winning project

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Christchurch Central Bus Interchange

This project involved the preparation of an Outline Plan of Works, participating in the project presentation to the Urban Design Panel, and liaison with City Council planning staff

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