Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan

Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan

Client | Lyttelton Port Company
Project Personnel | Jonathan Clease and Matt Bonis
Location and Completion Date | Lyttelton, 2015

Jonathan and Matt have provided full RMA planning input into the preparation of the information that LPC are required to provide to the Regional Council for the development of a Port Recovery Plan to enable the $500 million rebuilding of Port infrastructure following the earthquakes. The preparation of planning information has included a full review of the operative District Plan provisions and an assessment of these against the Port’s recovery needs.

Planning advice also required undertaking comprehensive reviews of a broad suite of technical expert reports on landscape, urban design, recreation, cultural values, social values, economic, transport and ecological values and synthesising this expert feedback into a coherent and pragmatic set of proposed District Plan provisions.

Matt has also obtained the necessary resource consents to enable the development of a new Inland Port facility in Rolleston, including the provision for new rail sidings and the use of the land for the large-scale handling and transit of exports from the Canterbury Region.

Other strategic policy development and plan change projects

Timaru Growth Strategy

Matt Bonis prepared the Timaru Growth Strategy to provide an overarching strategic framework for achieving sustainable growth and to guide the upcoming review of the District Plan.

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Selwyn Plan Change 7

Plan Change 7 to the Selwyn District Plan

The Planz team worked closely with the Council on the preparation and implementation of Plan Change 7, which rezoned 810ha of land at Lincoln and Rolleston to a new mixed density zone

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Innovation Precinct

Innovation Precinct Spatial Framework

This project involved careful consideration of the Central City Blueprint and the interaction of CERA designations and the underlying zone rules. Developing a planning strategy for how private-sector led development would occur under the designation required ongoing liaison with MBIE, CCDU, and Council staff.

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Sticky Forest

Wanaka Sticky Forest future development

This block contained landscape values, existing forestry, and informal mountain biking tracks that were valued by the community. The block was also being made available to the client as compensation for historic grievances under the South Island Landless Natives Act.

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Selwyn District Plan Review

The early stages of this review have included Planz assessing the effectiveness and outcomes that the operative District Plan has been generating in the topic areas of commercial urban design, the interface between commercial and industrial zones and

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Retail and Industrial District Plan Provisions

Planz has been engaged by a number of councils and private interests with regard to the framework for retail and industrial land use provisions within district plans

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Selwyn 2031: District Development Strategy

Planz Consultants assisted with the preparation of Selwyn 2031: District Development Strategy, which was adopted by Selwyn District Council in August 2014.

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Lifestyle block

Rural Residential Growth Management

Jonathan Clease provided planning advice and peer review to the development of the Selwyn Rural Residential Strategy 2014 which was undertaken under the LGA to guide future development of rural residential development in the District

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Auckland Plan Review

Matt Bonis has assisted the Auckland Planning team since the inception of the Auckland Unitary Plan providing planning and regulatory support to the Council’s Business Policy Team faced with consolidating seven territorial plans into one cohesive regulatory framework.

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Christchurch District Plan Review

Planz is actively involved in assisting a wide range of clients on the District Plan Review.

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District Plan Template Investigation

Planz undertook a review of spatial planning tools currently in use in Regional and District Plans across New Zealand to assist MfE with a template approach to facilitate consistency in District Plan drafting nationally.

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