Strategic Policy Development

Planz Consultants often assist councils with policy development and plan changes/ variations.

Reviews of regional and district plans and other local government plans require significant expertise and resources both in relation to drafting policy and undertaking community and stakeholder consultation.

Planz Consultants personnel have significant policy experience combined with an excellent ability to build strong relationships with technical experts and other contributors to achieve good planning policy development. This was recognised by Planz Consultants being awarded both the 2012 Best Practice Award for District and Regional Planning and the New Zealand Planning Institute’s Supreme Award (the Nancy Northcroft Planning Practice Award) for their work on the Selwyn District Council’s Plan Change 7 (Urban Growth).

We strongly encourage strategic thinking and work closely with our clients to identify long-term strategic objectives and the appropriate mechanisms for achieving them. Planz Consultants offer services in plan provision drafting, consultation, section 32 evaluation, prehearing meetings / caucusing, preparation of planning evidence and section 42A officer reports and presentation of evidence at both Council and Environment Court hearings.

Recent policy development projects include:

  • Selwyn District Council Plan Change 7 (Urban Growth)
  • Christchurch City Council - Living 3/4 Urban Design (Medium Density Housing)
  • Selwyn District Council – District Development Strategy
  • Christchurch City Council - Heritage Management and Protection
  • Selwyn District Council – Monitoring Strategy

Quality Policy

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